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Dear Valued Smartvideo Entrepreneur


The immense power of personalized SmartVideo 

marketing is now  your hands.

Now you’ve got it – you want to be able to make as much money 
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So JUST before you get started – let’s discuss how you can best make bank fast  and often – And always have a fresh new way of making money…

The Good News is That 60% of Marketers and
Small Business Owners Say They Plan to Increase
Their Investment in Video Marketing This Year... And
That Means a Huge Opportunity for You to Cash in
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But Here’s The Bad News: You’re Going to Be a
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When businesses see the results that SmartVideo gives them -They’ll be clamouring over themselves to give you $500, $1,000 even $2,000 to get these sort of results  for themselves.

And you’re going to have to have a video that will suit them.

As your SmartVideo personalization business grows and grows,

You’re going to need a bigger variety of videos.

To cater for more clients.

And to make you more profit.

And it’s not just more videos you need.

Let’s face it, this industry moves QUICKLY!

You NEED to keep moving with the times to keep up with the competition.

We WANT your SmartVideo Empire to last and to flourish. We know you do too!

And there’s one really simple way we can make sure it  always does –

Where you’ll get MORE clients and be able to charge MUCH more for your services!

Introducing Smartvideo By Videoremix

Template Collectivt

Get 10 brand new, bang on trend, ready-to-personalize SmartVideo Templates
delivered to you every single month.

Curious What The Templates Are Like? Here's Just Two
of Many Template Included

Take A Quick Look At A Couple More Previews:

Here's A Sneak Preview At What You're Going To Get:

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Being A Member Of The Template Collective Keeps
You Way Ahead Of Your Competition And Keeps You
Forever Profiting From You Personalized Videos:

Our in-house motion graphics design team work full-time for you to always add fresh 
new video templates to your arsenal

Ready for you to personalize in just minutes!

To be able to go out and get more clients – and always be able to cater for
them when you do.

Now You Can Make More Personalized Videos For More
People, In More Niches With LESS Effort. AND Profit MORE.

Input your text in this area

Each month you will be getting 10 brand new, stunning, ready-to-personalize templates!
That’s over $4,970 worth of templates for you every single month!

Yes, that’s right $4,970 worth.

You CAN buy our templates from us directly if you wish.
But they will set you back $497 per template.

Expensive yeah? But quality always is.

And that’s simply because of the itense amount of time, money
and effort that goes into producing them…

(Over 50 hours of development time for EACH template – not to mention
the money spent on materials, filmography and full-time staff costs).

Plus, For This Exclusive Launch Period ONLY, We Are Going To Give You An Extra ? Templates RIGHT NOW When You Get Started Today

And These Are Worth $497 Each!

Mike LaRouche

"I just recently worked on closing a deal where I acquired half of a business at a very fair price because I was able to bring VideoRemix to the table."

Charles Edgerton

“When you can whip something like VideoRemix out to a potential customer, and you know that there is no one else out there doing that in your area, then it gives you a leg up. It definitely gave us the leg up."

Daniel Isaiah

“I would charge a $4,997 setup fee and $597 per month to deliver no less than four videos.”

Just Some Of Your Benefits For Being A Valued Member of The
Smartvideo Template Collective

More Variety to Choose From and Sell

Now you have access to more stunning ready-to-personalize templates than anyone else. You have 10x the clients you can target each and every month. You can hit more clients in more niches and make more money. Now that’s what it’s all about right? Maximising income. Smart move.

Leave your competition for dust

Now your 10 brand new stunning, expertly designed templates are landing at your feet every month, you are at the forefront of video personalization marketing. By refreshing your SmartVideo template arsenal each and every month. Your competition just won’t be able to keep up

Keep your business always moving forward

Now you’re a part of the SmartVideo Template Collective you will are constantly moving forward with your business. Moving with the trends, styles and times. We all know that longevity is the key to a great business and the Collective unlocks that longevity for you to keep on making money with SmartVideo forever.

Save tons of money, time and hassle

Now you’re a member of The Collective, you’re saving yourself a very real $53,676 in just one year!($4,923 every single month!) compared to separate templates. Plus if you were to get someone to try and design these personalized templates for you - you’d be looking to pay over $1000 to make a template of this quality that can work with our system.

With Template Collective, You Are Paying Less Than $4.70 Per Template!

You Can’t Even Get A Basic Fiverr Gig For That.

Never Mind a Professionally Designed, Ready-to-Personalise SmartVideo Template That’s
Going To Make You Bank…Time and Time Again.

Plus That’s Not All - For This Launch Period Only. You’re Going To Get A Complete Suite Of Done- For-You Pro Tools -

Designed to put you head and shoulders above all of your competition

30+Done-for-you lower third Templates

Bonus hot templates including iPad, iPhone,
on-screen interactive chat & other lower
thirds with in-built call-to-actions or
personalization so that you can easily pick
the most stunning ones and start creating
your projects right away!

1,000,000 Views ($1,000 Value)

Get the most views for yourself in the eCommerce,
product or CPA niches & for any online or local
clients, your videos can get up to 1,000,000
viewswith this upgrade. Included is the license to
use this with clients.

Geo-IP & Other Personalisation Tokens
($1,000 Value)

Grab the company name of your viewer, their
location, homepage, phone number & even their
PICTURE to insert it into the video to increase the
“awe” & “wow” factors for your video projects.
For eCommerce think favorite color, shoe size &
other details for highly personalized videos!

Live Collaboration W/Other Users

Get the most views for yourself in the eCommerce,
product or CPA niches & for any online or local
clients, your videos can get up to 1,000,000
viewswith this upgrade. Included is the license to
use this with clients.

Adobe Scene Creator Editor
($500 Value)

An entire editing suite for various scenes built
into our solution. We partnered with Adobe to
integrate their technology into the platform for
cutting edge scene editing capabilities. Audio Recording Integration
($500 Value)

Perfect for affiliate campaigns. Import affiliate sales
videos, mute them & quickly record your own
voiceover to skyrocket conversions. Plus integrate
any audio recording into your projects.

Fallback Personalisation ($500 Value)

In case you don’t have the first name, last name,
geo-location or any other personalization token
for your audience this feature let’s you elect a
“fallback” default option that is critical for high

Total Exclusive Pro Suite Value $11,500

But Here’s The Bad News

And we’re sorry to say, but you will have to buy all of your future templates
individually -And unfortunately pay $497 EACH for them.

You valued Entrepreneurs who sign up now will be the ONLY people
who have exclusive access to the Collective for this price.

PLUS: We’re Going To Support You Every Step Of The Way With Our Exclusive Community Of Template Collective Members:

Introducing Our Smartvideo Template Mastermind Group

Where you will work personally with us to directly influence the new templates, so YOU can have exclusive templates
that work for you and your business, who you want to target and where you want to go.

The Facebook Mastermind Group allows you to learn, and share in a community of the smartest SmartVideo
go-getters in the marketing world and work directly with us at VideoRemix.

One More Thing- We’re Taking A Little Extra Stress Off You Today Too. There is USUALLY A One-Off Joining Fee Of $297 To Join The SmartVideo Template Collective-

However, for just for this exclusive launch period ONLY -We will waive the fee for you valued new SmartVideo Entrepreneurs. Saving you an extra $297 today!

Just imagine how good it will feel when you bag that brand new client -With that brand new
SmartVideo template you received in this month’s release.

The brilliant truth is Just ONE EXTRA CLIENT buying just personalized video from you(Which
takes you as little as 10 minutes to make)

Can EASILY pay for your membership for a whole 12 months or maybe even the next 5 years!

Daniel Isaiah

"I’m not new to the game, I’m just new to VideoRemix.
And like I said, there’s so many ways to milk
this product, it’s just amazing."

Here's a Quick Reminder Of Everything You Are
Getting Today:

Meaning Each App Template Works Out At LESS THAN: $4.98 Per Template!

Plus We’ll Even Waive The Usual Membership Joining Fee of $297 When You Get 
Started TODAY! Remember, Just One Personalized Video Sold Will More Than
Pay For Your Template Collective Membership Today.

Without new, fresh, bang up to date niche templates, you run the risk of leaving
your business out of date.

Getting swallowed up by the competition (Who will steal your sales)

And seriously restricting the amount of people you can sell your personalized
videos to!

(Without new templates – you will simply run out of people you can
sell them on to)

And just imagine when that happens after your initial success and you and
your family have got used to that extra income.

And splashing out that little bit extra on the things that are important to you.

When the clients dry up.

NOBODY wants that.

So let’s make sure that never happens and the easiest and most cost
effective way of doing this is to click here now:

150% Commitment & 150% Money Back Guarantee

Try the Template Collective Completely RISK FREE for 10 days

We’re seriously committed to increasing your results. Launch 3 campaigns & if you don’t get better results we’ll give you
150% back! Or of course a normal refund is available.

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SmartVideo by VideoRemix

Commercial Ad Cinemagraph

Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Promo

Coffee Shop

Center Overlay Band

Full Color Overlay

Blackred Credits

Blur Background Title Overlay A

Box Out Stroke A

Color Mini Block

Desktop Flat Lay Ipad

Desktop Flat Lay Iphone

DS Schedule A

DS Schedule Program

Extreme Opening A

Extreme Info

Fit Broadcast A

Fit Broadcast B

Flat Browser

Flat Next Schedule

Flat Premiere

Flat Responsive Showcase B

Fun Intro

Handwritten Arrows


Ignite Flat Color A

Multi Color A

Minimal Typography D

Partial Cover Cool

Simple Band


Vox Schedule A

Vox Fullscreen Overlay

Vox Next Movie

Vox Schedule Program

White Thirds A

YouTube Integration

Vimeo Integration

Soundcloud Integration Integration

Unbranded* (NEW)

Protected* (NEW)

Lower Thirds


Image Editor



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