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Hey Its Dean Here,

And what I am about to share with you ‘has never been done before’…

Even the best product creators in the market consider their job done once you get access to their products.

It’s now simply over to the Support Desk and a couple of backend tech guys to take care of you.

At the most – a few marketers will go an extra-mile and create an over-the-shoulder training module to help you learn how you can maximize your profits using the tool you just bought from them…

BUT we decided to go WAY BEYOND with SmartVideo Revolution.

You see, even the best tools are useless if you are not able to make money with them. And this is where the product creators and marketers make a BIG mistake.

They show you the kind of results they got… They share screenshots of results their existing customers got…

And they SIMPLY ASSUME that you know how to best pitch services that their product helps you offer and make profits.

At The End Of The Day This Leads To Such Results…

Some customers feel disappointed

Some customers blame their lack of effort & expertise

And some even feel

Here’s The Problem That We Identified…

Awesome Tool


Missing Piece


Promised Profits

Now, we want to make sure that you make MASSIVE profits with SmartVideo Revolution.

So, we have decided to hand-over to you our insanely powerful and fully ready-to-deploy sales system… so that you can see:


VideoRemix SmartVideo
Sales System

SmartVideo Revolution


VideoRemix SmartVideo Revolution Agency


Over $1,266,146.50 In Revenue

Totally Risk-Free | Strictly One-Time Offer

Both, Beginner And Seasoned Marketers Have Simply Been Able To Copy-Paste This Super-Powerful Sales System To Generate 5-6 Figures In Sales

So I wanted to share that I have gotten my first client with VideoRemix SmartVideo. I am working with a bunch of Health Insurance Agents, doing video marketing for them and will be starting with some lead generation. I am getting $249 per agent per month to post videos on their Facebook page. I was not sure where to price but I am editing the videos per agent just a little bit and puttig them out there for 6 agents. Not a lot at $1,494 a month but it is a start.

Testimonial Wednesday answers:
1 – Did you land a client? Yes, a financial planning company.
2 – How? I used Loom to get the appointment. I also sent Forbes personalized Remix video. Client reaction was outstanding.
3 – How much are you going to get paid? $2,000/month on the table for Principal Adviser and if he liked what I do, he would have 7 other team advisers do the same. Could develop into about $15,000/month quickly.

VideoRemix SmartVideo Revolution Agency Includes:

Personalized Video Demo Room

This is where our sales team shoots killer demos of personalized videos to floor our clients.

These demo videos alone are more than enough for them to close every sale. (I do get a feeling that my sales team is overpaid 🙂 )

And now you get unrestricted access to this first-of- its-kind video demo room.

Going forward…making sales will be the easiest part of your business now.

WebCam Recorder

With the built-in Webcam Recorder, creating a sexy video for sales is as simple as pressing ‘record’.

Use videos to introduce yourself and deliver short, personalized messages to build a relationship…

… or explain how you can solve your customers’ problems, walk them through a contract proposal, demonstrate your product.

Either way, it’s all going to help you make MORE PROFITS.

Audio Recorder

Record audio for your sales videos or demos with the built-in Audio Recorder. This by far the best recorder for sound recording with high quality.

It is really easy-to-use and provides crisp, clear audio in the most-common recording situations.

Once you’re done with recording, patch it up inside your video with just 1-click.

Ready-Made Demo and Sales Scripts

Not sure what to say during a demo, we’ve got your back with our demo and sales scripts playbook.

The guys who have written these scripts are professional copywriters and marketers with a combined experience of over 25 years in Marketing & Sales.

Simply follow what they say in these scripts… and you can convert any lead into a loyal paying customer.

250 Pure Quality Base Level Videos

Specially developed by our team for a variety of local business niches. Floor your local clients with these and have them literally run after you with their money.

Take a look at some of the videos in most popular niches…

50 Professionally Drafted Niche Video Scripts

No need to scramble for words to deliver your message or your sales pitch.

Not sure what your video script should say – we’ve done all of the hard work for you.

Just copy and paste any of these video scripts directly into any video of your choosing…

…and watch your conversions swell.

Personalized Video Marketing Explainer Video

With thousands of sales under our belt, we know exactly what to say to make your clients understand the power of personalized videos.

With such a powerful tool in your hands, it will be really sad that you don’t get paying clients because you didn’t get enough of their time and attention to show what personalized videos can do for their business.

So, we decided to make an explainer video that walks customers through the benefits of personalized video.

Send this over and get ready to create an invoice on the order that is definitely coming your way.

Personalized Thumbnail Creator

Instantly grab your client’s attention by personalizing a video thumbnail just for them.

A picture is worth a thousand words… take a look at these thumbnails we created using the same creator to see this age-old saying in action.

3 Personalized Marketing Videos

Is there anything called ‘too many clients’? We surely don’t think so…

Get the word out on your video personalization agency with our Done-For-You marketing videos…

…created by professionals, these videos will blow your prospective clients away.

They will be literally begging you to create such powerful videos for their business.

Personalized Video Agency Landing Page

And once you get the word out about your agency…

…we have you all set-up to turn all leads coming in into paying customers.

Our highly talented marketing and design team has created a beautiful Professional Personalized Video Agency Landing page for you.

You’ll go Pro right from day 1 without any delays in getting new clients.

And that’s not all…

Inside The Videoremix Smartvideo Revolution Agency You Also Get Access To:

5 Local Business Personalized Chatbots Templates

That we have used to land hundreds of clients for our own business.

5 Local Personalized Local Business Chatbot Demo Pages

That show customers exactly what they are getting with their personalized chatbot.

Separate Client Folders

To organize and manage your existing and new clients more efficiently.

This Upgrade Also Enables…

90+ ESP (Email Service Provider) Integrations To Get Your Personalized Video In Front Of The World

Both, Beginner And Seasoned Marketers Have Simply Been Able To Copy-Paste This Super-Powerful Sales System To Generate 5-6 Figures In Sales

Several factors make Video Remix work. By itself, Video Remix is shocking the first time one sees it and surprising in many applications. Combined with other elements, it just gets better: customize beautiful work others have done and use it to help them. Use professioal video owrk included inside Video Remix resource pages. Create, create, create and find great ceations with which you can combine your own work. Whenever one combines fresh, new creative works with the personalization capacity of Video Remix, he or she develops something surprising, or even shocking, again and again.

Another great post from Dean. I look forward to using the tools that make us interactive. These new tools are going to be a welcome sign for our businesses. I’m so proud to be a part of the VideoRemix family.

Let’s Quickly Recap What You Get When You Upgrade Today

VideoRemix SmartVideo
Revolution Agency

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We are so sure that VideoRemix SmartVideo Revolution Agency will deliver massive gains for you that we are backing it fully with our no questions asked money back guarantee.

Results Or Your Money Back

Here’s the deal. We’ve helped a LOT of our customers create life-changing income selling various video services that our tools help them offer.

SmartVideo Revolution is THE most advanced video technology in the market today. Nothing even comes close to this.

It is by far the absolute BEST solution & software we’ve ever developed for helping YOU make recurring monthly profits.

We believe in this system so much that we’ll take on all the risk. Try VideoRemix SmartVideo Revolution Agency for the next 7 days.

See how EFFORTLESS it is to find clients & generate a massive recurring income.

In the unlikely event you don’t think that somehow VideoRemix SmartVideo Revolution Agency is not the right fit for you, let us know and we’ll refund every penny of your small investment.

Doesn’t get more fair than that.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Virtually EVERY business out there needs better results from their video marketing. YOU hold the solution to their problem … why not get paid for providing it?

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